Always forward, in rough sea too

Always forward, in rough sea too

Dear friends,

shipowners, colleagues or simply lovers of the sea just like us, in this delicate moment for our world and everybody, without distinction or borders, we face future challenges with the same old passion. As the expert sailor doesn't lose his temper while sailing through rough sea, let's not lose the compass through the hardships of this 2020.

It's unfortunate to not relive the emotion of the events that make this time of the year so electrifying and unique, to meet friends and colleagues outside the daily routine in fascinating settings like the Cote D'Azur or the Emirates.

We from Moracasso Yachts intend  to reiterate our closeness to the whole nautical environment, to those who made it a reason of living and to those who dedicated their lives to it.


A wish for a happy and safe navigation to everybody,

Salvatore Moracasso.