MAG - JLT is one of the top 20 insurance brokerage Italian. The current structure of More In Brokers is the result of a process of specialization gained in over 20 years. The company provides consulting services and insurance brokerage ranging from risk analysis, placement and management of the same on behalf of National Organizations and major Companies belonging to the services sector and industry. The registered office and the head office of the company are in Rome.




Doriano Marcucci
“A true craftsman working with soul and hands” His workshop “Alley Of Art” is a magical place where shoes are shaped more unique than rare. Dorian has created shoes for Benedict XVI, Giorgio Napolitano, Renato Zero. Some of his work : Goodyear, Norwegian, Norwegian braid, Norwegian wave, original and St. crispino. the production is entirely made ​​by hand with tools and techniques of authentic artisan shoemaker, quality and made ​​in Italy are definitely implied.